Improving Work Productivity

Do you ever feel like your office is lacking productivity? This can be down to many factors and is more common than you may think. From time to time, your office is bound to lose productivity and with a few simple changes it is sure to come back better than before.

But why do workplaces lose productivity? Well, it can be down to various reasons. From changings in the workplace to restructures, times of the year or month to simply needing to keep your employees motivated. It can happen and will happen in most offices. But what’s good to know is that it can easily be returned and improved.

10 Tips to Improve Productivity in the Office

In order to improve your productivity changes will need to come. You may find that every few months you will need to add a little fun or change to the workplace. This doesn’t necessarily mean your office morale is bad, it just needs to be spruced from time to time. Something as simple as a work quiz or tidying up the office can make a huge impact on productivity.

That said, our top ten tips on how to improve productivity in the workplace are:

  1. Encourage employees to take their break away from their desk
  2. Keep desks uncluttered
  3. Allow natural light in – open the blinds and windows whenever possible
  4. Keep on top of the office cleaning
  5. Make regular plans for team building and fun activities
  6. Set small goals and plan the day/week
  7. Celebrate the wins/achievements
  8. Go green – add office plants
  9. Go paperless – it’s eco friendly and removes paper pile ups
  10. Introduce flexitime if it’s possible/realistic

Not only will these points help with office productivity, but they will also boost morale and the general office environment. Small changes such as office plants can be a mood booster to the office and also offer health benefits.

What’s more, small improvements like the ones above will reduce sick days within the office, which in turn will mean your employees are in the office more with less absent days. From the business side, this will mean that more work is being done and your workplace will be more productive. It’s a win, win!

Cleaning Makes a Difference

Speaking from experience, office cleanliness is a huge part of productivity in the workplace. If an area is cluttered, dirty and has a pile up of paper and dust, it’s not going to motivate you to want to work at your best. It’s important to know which areas of an office requires extra cleaning.

But if you hire a cleaning company to clean the office, then it will quickly improve morale. When you have a clean working environment it reflects in the quality of your work.

Should you like to find out more about the difference cleaning can make in your workplace, please be sure to contact our team at C4 Cleaning. From advice when moving offices to discussing our services, we’re more than happy to help.

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