How to Declutter Your Office

Letting your workplace become cluttered can happen so easily and naturally. Over time, you may get a little laxed in the sense that those papers will rack up on your desk, or you will keep hold of items you no longer need. Especially at work, it can be hard to find the time to clean your workplace and declutter the area.

Needless to say, if you’re the business owner, then keeping your office decluttered is not just your responsibility. It’s also down to your employees that they keep their individual spaces tidy and clutter free. But lead by example by keeping your workplace clutter free and allow it to follow.

You may need to give your employees a little encouragement from time to time, so let them know that every month or so it’s time to have a clean up and clear out. Throw out things that are outdated, unneeded or are potentially just hoarding up space. If they do need that certain thing, then can it be stored away?

6 Simple Ways to Declutter A Workspace

It’s easy to forget that a cluttered office environment can have negative effects on your productivity. It may be hard to find the things you need, or it could take too long to get started on your work when you’re surrounded by piles of papers and other items.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can declutter your workspace and make it more efficient for working. Here are six ideas for how you can declutter your workplace without feeling overwhelmed:

  1. Remove any unnecessary paper from your desk and start a filing system
  2. Only keep things you need – so have a good clear out!
  3. Encourage drawers or cabinets to store away items you don’t need everyday
  4. Go paperless where possible, it’s better on the environment and takes up no space
  5. Tidy up your cables, it’s a small change but will make a huge difference
  6. Hire an office cleaner, this will reduce the build up of dirt, pots and improve cleanliness

Top Tip! One thing we would suggest is to take a photograph of your office, workplace or desk as it is, then go back and look at the image. Do you like what you see? What would you change? Then whatever you don’t like in the photograph, change. Put the paper away, get rid of unnecessary possessions and store away things you don’t need on a daily basis. Then you will see how the change has improved the area and then retake the photograph. Repeat this process again if necessary and you will see a huge improvement!

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Now that you have the tools in place to declutter and maintain a tidy workplace, it’s time to keep on top of the presentation with an office cleaner. At C4 Cleaning, we’re proud to offer cleaning services throughout the local area. Our expert cleaners cater to all types of cleaning, from school cleaning to window cleaning, we’re here to help you to present your business in the best possible light.

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