Keeping your office clean and tidy should be second nature, but there will always be points in the week or even day where it looks messy or dirty. From coffee stains to crumbs on the floor, you can’t always expect your office to maintain its cleanliness like it is when there’s no one there.

You can expect some mess throughout the day, but it’s important to let it known that as a business owner you still want to maintain a level of cleanliness that is substantial, especially if you don’t have an office cleaner every day.

So, while you may have a regular office cleaning service, it is important to know that there are some areas of an office that may require attention even between cleans. In this blog, we’re going to highlight some of the most important areas that require an extra clean. This way, you can maintain your high standards of cleanliness at all times.

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Individual Desks

This area often gets overlooked, and not all cleaners will clean individual desks due to privacy and the information that can be withheld on a desk. So, whether your cleaner is cleaning desks or it is down to the individual, it’s important to enforce regular cleaning as the build up of dirt and bacteria is fast growing in this area. 

You should pay extra attention to keyboards, telephones, computer mice and screens as they harbour lots of bacteria if not cleaned regularly. Just look at the keyboards alone in your office to see the build-up of what can happen if this isn’t maintained and cleaned often. Cleaning individual desks and workspaces is a great way to improve office productivity as well as keeping these areas clean and tidy.

Kitchen Appliances

Something which may get overlooked until it is past the point of clean is your kitchen appliances. With the day to day work life taking a load, it can be difficult to regularly clean and maintain your appliances until you notice that they’re dirty or have limescale. Some kitchen appliances which you may wish to schedule a time to clean or request your cleaner to deep clean include: kettles, toasters, microwaves and even dishwashers.

This should be done no matter what, these appliances are used on a daily basis, so it’s important to keep them just as clean at work as you would at home. So remember to clean your kitchen appliances often, this will help to reduce bacteria and a build up of food, spillages and waste.

Office Chairs

This could be break out area chairs or the chairs under desks, either way, they also are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Like with other high traffic areas, you will need to clean these chairs on a regular basis. You could request your cleaner to hover or wipe the chairs down depending on what they’re made from, but every so often they will also require a deep clean.

All High Traffic Areas

It may seem obvious enough, but traffic paths and high traffic areas are the areas in which are used by everyone in your office. Therefore, this means their germs and bacteria are being left behind and building up if not cleaned regularly. So, it’s always advised to clean those areas, even in between your professional cleaning service. This will keep these areas as clean as possible and is a great way to reduce germs or illnesses being passed on.

Eating Areas

Different workplaces eat at different areas. Some may eat at their desks, while others may have a canteen or dedicated area for mealtimes. Either way, it is crucial to keep these areas clean often. As well as the food preparation areas, eating areas are another area of the office where bacteria and germs can rapidly spread. So, it’s best to clean these areas down often, be it after every mealtime or at the end of each day. This way, the area will be kept clean and sanitised and will look presentable should any visitors or customers come into the office.

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