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Are you concerned about the health of your staff and clients alike due to this current Covid-19 pandemic that is threatening to bring business to a standstill due to safety concerns? You are not alone, millions of business operators are currently faced with the same predicament. However, if you are in Caterham, the good news is that C4 Cleaning is fully equipped to ensure that your work environment remains sterile. C4 Cleaning is a one-stop-shop for all your office cleaning and disinfection services.

What Do We Offer?

  • Window cleaning – windows require special attention to keep the sunlight penetrating through and eradicate dirt streaks. You can rely on C4 to ensure that this is done.
  • Floors – we can make sure that your floors are cleaned to mint conditions regularly regardless of their type. We can handle all types of floors from carpeted, tiled, wooden, and so on.
  • Disinfection – are you concerned about bacteria and viruses? You can depend on C4 Cleaning to have your offices thoroughly disinfected.
  • Restrooms – we will ensure that your restrooms are a pleasant place to visit by both staff and clients alike.


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