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Were you aware that…

  • Germs on an average office chair, keyboard, and computer mouse have a population density of around 21 000 per square inch.
  • A typical work desk is a home to around ten million bacteria.
  • Dirty surfaces account for up to sixty per cent of all known illnesses.


The fact that you spend most of your daytime in an average work environment means you probably come into direct contact with the aforementioned surfaces daily. It does not end there; you then pass on these disease-causing microbes to other items you come into with. These may be those on public transportation facilities and your home. Therefore you must always keep your office environment hygienic. If you are in Cobham, C4 Cleaning is determined to guarantee that your workplace adheres to the strictest standard of hygiene.

We offer a wide spectrum of office cleaning services in Cobham. We have a professional and highly experienced team that will ensure your workplace is tidy always, therefore, boosting staff confidence and giving your customers a much-needed good impression.

Why risk germs and virus exposure to your staff? Dial us today and keep your workspace spick and span at affordable prices!

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