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Did you know?

  • Unclean surfaces can cause up to 60% of all illnesses?
  • The average office computer mouse, keyboard and chair have about 21,000 germs for each square inch?
  • Your typical work desk harbours over 10 million microbes, which is 100 times more germs than the regular home kitchen table and 400 times more than your regular toilet seat?

If you spend your days in an average work environment, you probably come in contact with the abovementioned surfaces almost daily. You then pass on these germs to all other areas you’re in contact with including your home. As such, it’s always important to keep your office space clean. C4 Cleaning is, therefore, determined to ensure your office has the highest level of cleanliness.

C4 Cleaning offers a wide range of office cleaning services in Fetcham. We have a dedicated team of cleaners that will clean and disinfect the various sections of your offices. Besides the health benefits, a clean office can be revitalizing and can boost staff productivity. It also gives off a good impression on visitors, making it a good investment.

Depending on how many office staff you have, some cleaning tasks need to be done daily while others can be done at regular intervals. Give us a call today and find out more about keeping your space clean with C4 Cleaning!

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