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Is keeping your office clean giving you headaches? Get in touch with C4 Cleaning today, and we will help you lighten the burden. C4 Cleaning is a cut above the rest when it comes to the provision of cleaning services in Hounslow.

What we do

Cleaning requires special attention to detail and the C4 Cleaning crew is well-versed in the proper cleaning techniques. Here is what you can expect as part of our cleaning services;

  • De-cluttering

We will help you get rid of all the clutter lying around like empty boxes, torn paper, food waste. What more, we will make sure everything is properly disposed of or recycled!


  • Consistent Cleaning

Cleaning is a daily commitment as long as your offices are in use. Our team will ensure that your office stays pristine by adhering to all the agreed cleaning patterns and schedules!


  • Dusting

Dust accumulation is a serious menace for your electronic equipment as well as to the health of all office occupants. As such, C4 Cleaning is determined to keep your offices dust-free by attacking every dust-prone area thoroughly with every cleaning session!


  • Disinfection

The safety of your employees is at stake always, especially in this Covid-19 pandemic era. However, C4 Cleaning can help you maintain a clean and sterile office environment for all your safety!


Do you need any of these services done? Contact the C4 Cleaning team in Hounslow and let us deal with it all swiftly!

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