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Are you in Mitcham and thinking of giving your office space a superb thorough cleaning? It is not only good for health reasons, especially during the current Covid-19 global pandemic, but it also gives the right impression to your clients. C4 Cleaning is there to cater to all your office cleaning needs in Mitcham and all surrounding areas. We have a team of dedicated and highly experienced cleaners that can effectively clean and disinfect your offices at a time that is most suitable for you.

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C4 Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning services that guarantee immaculate office space left, right, and centre.

Restroom cleaning – Restrooms are some of the places that require regular cleaning attention because a lot of disease-causing microbes can easily accumulate there. C4 Cleaning is there to ensure your restrooms are always tidy so that both employees and clients alike operate in a safe environment.

  • Window cleaning– Windows require regular cleaning to enhance your work environment’s overall outlook. C4 Cleaning can polish all types of windows, including those on high rise buildings.  
  • Floor cleaning–We can handle the cleaning for any type of floor, be it wooden, tiled, carpeted, and so on.


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