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C4 Cleaning Services is one of the best cleaning companies that can give you the satisfaction of a clean and safe environment that you desire. Our services are excellent, efficient and professional. The services are broad enough to cater for all your cleaning needs. Our services include: Our services include: Office cleaning, Caretaking support, Care and Support cleaning, School Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Leisure Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Technical Cleaning, Rest Room Cleaning and Sanitise Cleaning.

We have good clients’ relationship and all our clients give positive feedback to our services. Some of our clients are Kidspace, London Stock Exchange, Rabobank, Digital Reality, Spicerhaart, H.A. Marks Construction, etc.

Our Sanitise cleaning services provide you with a service more than just cleaning your environment, we ensure that you live in a safe environment, one that is free of disease-causing and harmful organisms.

The level of expertise and professionalism we deploy in serving our clients makes them feel comfortable and exude immense confidence in us. We deploy a team of experts and well-equipped staff members to sanitise and disinfect your homes, places of work and environment without disturbing your activities.

Our services are reliable and efficient; you can always trust us to give you the best cleaning experience.

We are ready and happy to provide quality cleaning services to you, the office at Caterham is open for your patronage. Contact us through the phone line at 028-668-8008 or send us a mail at Visit our website at for more information.

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