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Sanitise  cleaning is the best way to ensure a safe environment and a healthy way of living. We need to modify our lifestyle and change our ways to create a clean atmosphere at which we can work and prosper.

At C4 Cleaning, we provide to our dearest customers and clients a government-approved method of sanitizing, whether it’s your house, your own little shop, or your office. Once you’ve tried our sanitise cleaning you won’t be able to go on with your daily life without it.

Our various services include the disinfection of your day to day areas and surfaces including, door handles, lights switches, bathroom utilities as well as toilets and sinks, and of course work desks, tables’ surfaces and hardback chairs.

Our workers and staff are knowledgeable in the use of specialist equipment used for the evaluation, detection, and cleansing of these high-risk areas. Washing of hands before and after cleaning and usage of disposable gloves are mandatory to ensure a maximum decontamination process.

For internal areas with larger spaces we offer the use of a space atomizing fogger, and also spraying the floor with bio-hygiene approved solutions.

We aim to offer these services and grant our clients the best possible service we can to fulfil all their needs and meet their expectations with flying colours.

If you are looking for professional sanitize cleaning services in Morden or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to call us or visit our website to book an appointment.

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