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C4 Cleaning Services is the leading cleaning company in Purley. We offer quality and efficient cleaning services. Our wide range of services caters for all your cleaning needs. Our services include: Office cleaning, Caretaking support, Care and Support cleaning, School Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Leisure Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Technical Cleaning, Rest Room Cleaning and Sanitise Cleaning.

We have been for a long time offering the best cleaning services to our clients. Our services are efficient, professional and satisfactory. We received positive feedback from our clients, and they have attested to the unequalled quality of our cleaning services. Some of our notable clients include Kidspace, London Stock Exchange, Rabobank, Digital Reality, Spicerhaart, H.A. Marks Construction, etc.

Our Sanitise Cleaning services offer the best sanitizing that leaves your homes, places of work and a general environment free of harmful organisms. A clean environment is an environment that is free of dirt and disease-causing organisms, with C4 Cleaning Services, you are guaranteed to get services that will leave your environment completely safe and habitable.

We are well equipped and experienced to seamlessly disinfect your environment without posing any health hazard on you. We also ensure that your work or activities are not hindered by the sanitise cleaning operation. We will not relent in offering quality and unequalled cleaning services.

Our office is open to attend to your cleaning needs, contact us through the phone line at 0208-668-8008 or send us a mail at Visit our website at for more information.

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