Sanitise Cleaning

We have invested heavily in our sanitise cleaning services and will partner with your business to help identify and cleanse high risk areas and stop the spread of novel viruses.

Our sanitise cleaning services include a full risk assessment of your business followed by a bespoke decontamination service by our dedicated team (including follow-up treatments). One of our dedicated team members will design a medium to long term plan to meet your specific requirements and follow-up with you regularly to ensure the best and most tailored service is provided to you.

Our skilled, experienced and trained staff are knowledgeable in the use of specialist equipment and we strive to provide you and your business with a best in class service.

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Material Safety Data Sheets

Explaining the biological properties of our solutions.

Our Biocidal Lab Test sheet

Highlighting the Bacteria & Virus’s our solution has been tested on.

Application Process

A guide to how we apply the material.
Sanitise fogging services

Fogging – Using our specialist equipment for the killing of atmospheric bacteria and viruses via “fogging”.

Fogging is effective for sanitising, something which has become a specific requirement as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. By using an appropriate disinfectant formula, fogging can kill a wide range of pathogenic viruses in under five (5) minutes, leaving surfaces clean and safe for human contact, and is safe to use in various environments – Offices, educational premises, retail, gymnasium’s, Bars & restaurants and many more establishment’s . Fogging works by spraying a fine mist of disinfectant into the air decontaminating everything the fog contacts.

The entire area & property will be sanitised quickly and more effectively than the traditional cleaning methods.

Sanitise Steam cleaning service

Steam Cleaning – As well as cleaning visible dirt, grime, grease & mould. Steam cleaning also sanities surfaces, killing up to 99.998% of potentially harmful bacteria and germs. Steam cleaning is faster and effective for deep cleaning. Steam cleaning environmentally friendly as only water is used and there is not need to use any chemicals such as ammonia or bleach.

Using temperature of 165 degrees Steam cleaning is especially effective for deep cleaning of Washrooms, Toilets, Kitchens and high traffic/footfall areas.

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