“We are committed to providing exceptional critical cleaning services while promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices in all aspects of our operations”


We adapt quickly to market changes - internally and externally. Responding rapidly and flexibly to customer needs. Adapting and leading change in a productive and cost-effective way without compromising quality.


Our precision enables an efficient allocation of cognitive resources to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing tasks, no matter how small or large. Our precise skills deliver continuous improvements in workplace productivity, efficiency and performance.


We remain grounded and treat every client relationship as a personal service. We have an unwavering dedication to a caring culture throughout our business. We continue to demonstrate equality and value for every position within C4.


Our C4 Work Quality Score


Increased Client Efficiency


Sustainability, Carbon Emissions

Data Centre Cleaning

Your UK Data Centre Cleaning Partner. We understand fully the importance of professional data centre cleaning. Our experienced and professional Data Centre Cleaning service is dedicated specifically to the rooms that house that all-important technical equipment that keeps your business running.

Contract Cleaning Services

Safe, reliable commercial contract cleaning services delivered throughout the UK. We are widely considered one of the most reliable cleaning companies by our clients spread across the country. High quality contract cleaning services. Not all commercial cleaning companies have our standards!

Specialist/Periodic Cleaning Services

We are highly experienced in providing specialist and periodic cleaning services across the UK. Our investment in the latest technology continuous to improve results, increase operational efficiency and reduce our environmental footprint. Our services in this field are an important core division of C4.

Support Services

Our UK-wide FM support services division is a key growth area for C4. Our growing, dedicated team are all trained and educated in the provision of delivering a business environment that can contribute to client employee satisfaction and happiness. Our team operates in the background, ensuring visitors and employees can go about their day without having to worry about the functioning of the building.

Our ESG Pledge

Our environment is important to C4! We ensure all operatives on site are aware of the small changes they can make to help save our environment and the importance of being conscious and accountable for their impact. C4 has pledged to reduce the number of plastics used by half by next year.