Support Services

Our UK-wide FM support services division is a key growth area for C4. Our growing, dedicated team are all trained and educated in the provision of delivering a business environment that can contribute to client employee satisfaction and happiness. Our team operates in the background, ensuring visitors and employees can go about their day without having to worry about the functioning of the building.

From the ground up we have successfully built our support service division, incorporating C4 values and aligning them with client’s objectives to strengthen all our existing and new customer partnerships. C4 can demonstrate high level competencies in many areas of facility support services throughout multiple areas of a client’s business and outside of the traditional cleaning needs.

C4 facilities management support services are about much more than just improving efficiency. They are all about providing a pleasant work environment and making it an enjoyable and safe place for visitors and employees alike.

We recognise that facilities are complex, comprising many moving parts and pieces. There are structural systems, as well as systems such as access control and emergency alerting. All these aspects and more add up to the cumulative concept of facilities. It’s impossible for any one single person to oversee it all, which facilitates the need for facilities management support services such as those delivered by our expert, dedicated teams at C4.

Given that we spend so much time at work, a good business environment can contribute to employee satisfaction and happiness. Our C4 support services teams operate discreetly in the background, to make sure office owners, visitors and employees can go about their day without having to worry about the functioning and smooth running of the building.

Services we offer

Pest Control
Washroom Services
Consumables Supply
Hygiene Control