How We Do It

Our People. Our Culture.

We believe in health and wellbeing, equality and value in every position within C4. This ethos is hardwired into the foundational DNA that C4 is built on.

Our teams are our Heroes. We have built and earned a strong reputation founded on a caring culture throughout the C4 business. We have demonstrated equality and value for every position within C4.

Our operatives are everything to C4. We ensure that every day our personal touch and considerate approach continues within our teams.

Our gender pay gap analysis shows that at C4 management level female employees earn 15% more than their C4 male counterparts. At the operative and mobile level females and males are exactly aligned on remuneration.

We have consistent representation of the LGBTQ+ community across the C4 business.

At C4 all co-workers have a voice, a face and are NOT just a number. We provide direct access to our HR team and personal support helplines. We are constantly striving for new ways to improve our commitment through in-house training and development programs.

We diligently record personal development data, encouraging our operatives to continuously improve, refine their goals and pursue their dreams: whether it’s running a marathon or wanting additional training to improve in their job roles. 

We empower, train and install confidence in ALL our teams.

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